Summit Billing Services

We offer accurate and timely utility billing at extremely affordable rates. We provide superior customer service to the residents of the apartment communities we serve as well as continued support to the on-site property management staff. We recognize the importance of accurate and timely monthly utility invoices.


Utility submetering is a cost effective method of passing the monthly utility expense from the landlord to the resident. Most people are not aware that the average American uses between 80-100 gallons of water per day. By allowing the residents to be financially responsible for their usage, we typically see an immediate reduction in consumption…sometimes as much as 35%. Submetering electric and natural gas usage also can result in substantial reductions in consumption.

In addition to the environmental benefits that result from conservation, there is also an economic advantage to the owners of the community. Without the increasing cost of utilities, some owners have elected to reduce annual rent increases or even use the additional capital for improvements at the communities.

The environmental and economic benefits of utility submetering clearly outline the advantages for this type of service. Residents will reduce their own utility costs once they know their individual usage determines their monthly utility costs.

RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing Systems)

Sometimes the existing plumbing or electrical wiring configuration does not lend itself to the installation of submeters. RUBS allows the landlord to allocate the utility expense using a method based on any one or combination of: square footage, number of occupants, number of rooms or number of fixtures. Residents see the connection between energy use and cost, which helps minimize resident housing costs and promotes conservation.

The Property’s total utility invoice is allocated among all the residents using a simple and understandable formula. The most typical formula is based 50% on square footage and 50% on number of occupants. Each ratio also considers the number of days a unit is under lease and residents are obligated to pay for utility costs. We simply calculate the consumption allocation for each resident based upon the formula, produce and mail their utility invoice.

RUBS can allocate electricity, gas, water, or sewer expenses to each unit through a fair and equitable formula.