Summit Metering Equipment


Summit uses reliable, high quality precision products from the industry’s leading manufacturers of utility metering and submetering hardware, providing unmatched value for metering accuracy.  We have access to a vast network of hardware manufacturers and are capable of procuring hardware for virtually any installation or maintenance need you may have.

Water Meters

  • New Century
  • Norgas
  • Master Meter

Gas Meters

  • Norgas and most commercial gas meters

Electric Meters

  • Job Specific

Remote Digital Readout Counters

Non-electrical manual Counters (often used for outside)

Wireless Automatic Meter Reading

  • Inovonics Wireless Products

Inovonics wireless system is among the most reliable wireless technology in the submetering industry for all major utilities such as water, gas and electricity. Each meter is connected to a transmitter, which converts the pulse output into a digitized signal for the transmission of meter read data. Signals are transmitted, verified, and sent to the repeater. The signals of the repeater are then forwarded to the receiver, which is connected to the Data Concentrator and Communicator (DCC). The DCC stores the information for remote access via high-speed modem which is utilized by the Summit Billing customer service team.

  • Fully automated wireless technology
  • Compatible with water, gas and electric meters
  • Cost-effective for retrofit or new construction
  • Remote access via high-speed modem
  • Monitors more than 2,000 meters at a single property
  • Years of hassle-free service
  • Designed for the multifamily market
  • Field proven technology with more than 1 million installation points worldwide